The Building of a Model Railway

I am building a model of a Swiss Alpine railway, based on the RhätischeBahn in Graübunden Canton in south-east Switzerland. It is quite a challenge for someone who has been making model railways since childhood but always English, always in 00 gauge and never with overhead electrification. I hope you enjoy following these challenges!

Latest from the Blog

Tweakings and Adjustments

I must apologise for not having written much lately. While I have been busy with other things, there has been progress on the model railway, but it has not been the sort of progress that would make an exciting piece of video! Having completed the platform canopy installation last month I have been doing thoroughContinue reading “Tweakings and Adjustments”

Alpine Civil Engineering

A start to scenery in the mountain area The system I had devised in my head for taking the overhead electrification into the hidden storage area but leaving the hidden sidings devoid of the the clutter of overhead wires has been successfully installed, and I have moved on to begin creating the mountain scenery readyContinue reading “Alpine Civil Engineering”

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