The Building of a Model Railway

I am building a model of a Swiss Alpine railway, based on the RhätischeBahn in Graübunden Canton in south-east Switzerland. It is quite a challenge for someone who has been making model railways since childhood but always English, always in 00 gauge and never with overhead electrification. I hope you enjoy following these challenges!

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Onward and Upward

Was it really May last year that I posted the beginning of the spiral climb? That was just as Britain was beginning a degree of freedom from the restrictions imposed to control the spread of Covid-19 and from then activity tended to be out and about rather than in the railway workshop! There was progress,Continue reading “Onward and Upward”

Home Again

Apologies for “internet silence” for so many weeks. The simple explanation can be seen on my other website, http://www.mwtrips.co.uk, which details the many trips and tours that I have undertaken now that travel is allowed again! There are still some absences to come, one of them for nearly two weeks, but I have recommenced workContinue reading “Home Again”

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Market Deeping Model Railway Club www.mdmrc.org

Swiss Railways Society swissrailsoc.org.uk

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