Slow Progress, But Progress Nonetheless

I apologise for keeping subscribers waiting longer than usual for this post, and indeed for the brevity of the post, but this last couple of weeks has seen me busy with other things, such as delivering a Lent Study Course for my local church and updating my other weblog at In addition, as you will see from the video, I have taken quite a bit of time sorting the railway room and workbench ready for the next phase of the layout: time well-spent but not the most entertaining of activities for the blog!

Trying a platform canopy for size and fit

In terms of the actual layout construction, there has been some progress: the platform canopies are under construction, and the video deals with these as far as they have come; and a plan has been drawn up for the mountain pass section of the layout ready for the carpentry to begin as soon as I have a decent stretch of time to set aside for it! This is probably the most challenging and exciting phase of the layout construction and will be its defining feature when in use at home. I don’t think it will be suitable for exhibition. Here is the video:

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One thought on “Slow Progress, But Progress Nonetheless

  1. We all need a tidy up now and then. And it’s surprising what you find that you’d totally forgotten (or perhaps that’s just me).

    Will be great to see the trains going somewhere.


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