Locomotives and Rolling Stock

So far I have described the construction of the layout in terms of baseboards, track, wiring and scenic work, but, of course, the trains are as important as anything else! I do not build the trains myself as some other modellers do, largely because I know too little about Swiss trains to set about buildingContinue reading “Locomotives and Rolling Stock”

Beginning the Spiral Climb

In many ways this is one of the most exciting parts of the project, as well as being well outside my modelling comfort zone! The experience of building the single-track branch line on my art-deco Burghley Junction layout has been helpful: I have at least built a gradient on a curve, and a fairly steepContinue reading “Beginning the Spiral Climb”

Completing the Platform Canopies at Innsdorf Station

Last month I posted about the construction of the canopies for the platforms at Innsdorf, but I did not install them because the wiring of the lighting under each canopy required the turning over of the station baseboard to work on the underside, which was not convenient at the time. This has now been done,Continue reading “Completing the Platform Canopies at Innsdorf Station”

Taking the Overhead Wires Through a Tunnel

A challenge that was always there from the start and which had been exercising my mind from the day I started planning this model railway was how I was going to cope with taking an overhead-electrified model railway line through tunnels. The overhead on this layout is realistic in appearance but is non-functional, the trainsContinue reading “Taking the Overhead Wires Through a Tunnel”