Completing the Platform Canopies at Innsdorf Station

Last month I posted about the construction of the canopies for the platforms at Innsdorf, but I did not install them because the wiring of the lighting under each canopy required the turning over of the station baseboard to work on the underside, which was not convenient at the time. This has now been done, and here is the story:

This was a good dry-run for taking out the two portable sections which are intended to be “exhibitable” and did reveal some issues, so I took the opportunity to remove about 15mm from the end of the layout (mercifully not yet developed!) to make it easier to extract these sections. We are now not far off being able to call this part complete: back scene and more snow to go, I think! And maybe more lighting … no layout is ever finished, but can be exhibited when complete. Before it can be shown, however, I do need to create a portable fiddle yard and some trestles, plus some display material. If a show came up next month I’d race aead with that work, but it will not be needed for many months yet and I can take my time, balancing that with the construction of the, fixed, mountainous sections for my own entertainment!

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