Onward and Upward

Was it really May last year that I posted the beginning of the spiral climb? That was just as Britain was beginning a degree of freedom from the restrictions imposed to control the spread of Covid-19 and from then activity tended to be out and about rather than in the railway workshop! There was progress, but rather bitty and nothing much to write about here: the odd bit of track laid, the occasional bit of detailing, some planning and some carpentry. Some of that has now come together and real progress is being made on the Alpine pass scenic section, with the trackbed now extended as far as the intermediate station and beyond towards the mountain terminus. Indeed, since the video was made track laying is complete as far as the intermediate station approach points, so the next video should not be too long in being needed.

Meanwhile I have also been adding to detail in the Innsdorf station and village area with gifts of people and the gradual addition of more snow etc to make this first sectional complete as possible. Occasional running sessions have taken place in order to prepare to exhibit this portable section eventually. I was also given a “new” train, an Allegra electric multiple unit, a type of train I have travelled on often in Graubünden and which really places the layout in both place and era.

Video 23: onward and upward!

Published by Mark Warrick

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2 thoughts on “Onward and Upward

  1. Love the cardboard height gauge.

    When exhibiting, what will connect to Innsdorf Station? Are you planning to make a fiddle yard just to use at exhibitions?


  2. Yes, there will be legs (at home the layout is on wall brackets) and a purpose-built fiddle yard for both lines. Design not complete yet, and I’ll have to move into the garage to build it, so it’s a summer job!


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