Apology for the Silence

It’s not that I have not been doing anything on Innsdorf, although I must admit I have not been doing as much as during the lockdowns (who would have done?). What I have not done, though, is to finish anything and so I have not really had much to show you.

Snow continues to fall on Innsdorf!

Those who have followed me from the start may have taken in that the station, the two baseboards with which I began and which rest on brackets on the wall of my hobbies room, is intended to be portable, to be taken in due course to model railway exhibitions, whereas the rest of the layout with its mountains and tunnels is fixed into the room. I decided that in order to get an exhibitable layout ready I really needed to create the kit needed to operate the station separately from the fixed section of the layout, and this would mean making legs and a “fiddle yard,” a set of non-scenic sidings which represent the rest of the RhätischeBahn system offstage. I have bought the wood and begun the construction, but I cannot assemble it all in the hobbies room because that is not long enough, so … we wait for the summer weather so that I can set it up outdoors, probably in my garage.

Whoops! There is not enough clearance for the point motor under the point, so I’ll have to place it beside it, on an extra piece of board.

Meanwhile I have continued to develop the intermediate station and its wiring and progress has been slow – I discovered a mistake in my planning which I can easily-enough correct. I do want to get this bit right first time, even if it means that the “first time” is later than we might like!

I have also continued to acquire things as they have become available, such as the rest of the signalling equipment for the layout, some buses (very rare, some of these, and need to be grabbed when they appear) and just one more locomotive and a few more wagons and coaches.

I’ve been taking video of the jobs I’ve been doing and will put something together for the blog as soon as one thing reaches a worthwhile stage!

Published by Mark Warrick

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One thought on “Apology for the Silence

  1. “I’ve been taking video of the jobs I’ve been doing and will put something together for the blog as soon as one thing reaches a worthwhile stage!”

    Looking forward to it.


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