Lighting the Village (1)

Whether or not to add lighting to a model is a difficult matter. Lighting definitely adds “life” to models but can give some odd effects: for example, because I am using traditional DC control it is not a simple matter to light the carriages of my trains (although battery systems do exist, at a price, and I may consider these eventually), so true night-time operation will not look right. But the layout is supposed to be in winter and shops etc will be lit, and I have acquired LED lighting equipment which I am beginning to install now. This video shows progress so far. More in a couple of weeks or so!

Published by Mark Warrick

amateur photographer | railway modeller | rail travel blogger

2 thoughts on “Lighting the Village (1)

  1. It’s looking really good – that poor soul all alone in the office block !

    I wonder how much extra tweaking your leak test revealed.

    Looking forward to the next episode to see the lighting completed.


    1. There may be others in the office block out of sight … No tweaking required after leak test, but I fear there may well be when I install the back scene: it is vital that we do not illuminate the sky! I already have the Post Office and church lit now. Street lighting next, then station.


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