Building the Village

Innsdorf is intended to represent a typical resort village in the Engadin valley early in the winter sport season. There is a “dusting” of snow in the village, but skiing is taking place up on the surrounding mountain slopes. I wanted to create the sort of busy scene that a visitor would see in such a village, the sort of thing I have so often seen when arriving at Alpine villages not just in this valley but elsewhere in southern Switzerland.

This is the story of the first five shops: a supermarket and two blocks of local shops. There are more to come, and the post office is already under construction, too.

While I was making these three buildings I ordered online some lighting equipment both to light the interiors of the buildings and for street lighting. A future post will deal with these. People and vehicles are also important to the atmosphere of the resort village, and these will be covered in another future post

Published by Mark Warrick

amateur photographer | railway modeller | rail travel blogger

2 thoughts on “Building the Village

  1. As well as the construction techniques, it was good to hear the thinking behind the decisions. Town Planning but on a very small scale 🙂

    I shall be interested to learn about the backdrop behind this street when you get around to that.


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