Starting to Detail the Station; Building a Swiss Barn from a Kibri Kit

The only remaining “big” project on the scenic section of the portable layout is the backscene, and I shall be tackling that soon. But meanwhile there are many small tasks to undertake to bring the layout up to a good standard, and the most urgent of these is to detail the station platforms because once I put the canopies in place over the platforms the detailing would be much harder to do. Today’s video deals with some of these, ad the making of a building kit just by way of a change!

Making this video and viewing it has shown me that there are some important little things which still need attention before the canopies are placed over the station platforms, notably the gaps here and there between the building and the platform (what you get when buying a made-up kit which relies on others’ skills!) and a crooked sign for the Kkiosk (what you get when trying to position it with forceps under overhead wires). And, of course, I still have to lay snow on the track and the open sections of the platforms … Watch this space!

Published by Mark Warrick

amateur photographer | railway modeller | rail travel blogger

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