Somewhere for the Trains to Go!

Having laid the baseboards last week the track to the hidden sidings has now been laid. They are not hidden yet, for there is much more to build above them, but it does mean I can run trains now, so the layout has finally become fun to operate as well as to construct! No more to say: enjoy the video!

Published by Mark Warrick

amateur photographer | railway modeller | rail travel blogger

2 thoughts on “Somewhere for the Trains to Go!

  1. Followed instructions and “enjoyed the video”. Great to see things moving.

    Will a separate control panel be needed for the soon-to-be-hidden sidings?


    1. The fiddle yard will not need a control panel. The trains will be driven in and out from the panel at Innsdorf station, and all the points can be reached easily and changed by hand. No communication will be needed because it is simple enough for one person (usually me, obviously!) to operate both the station and the fiddle yard. When we can stand close enough together the complete layout could use three operators but I hope one will suffice. Each of the remaining two stations (yet to be named) will have a panel but hopefully all within reach of one person when necessary.


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