Completing some odd jobs!

Over the weekend I completed three tasks which have occupied the back of my mind for many weeks! The big one, which did not actually take very long, was properly mounting the control panel on a permanent bracket in front of the layout: the panel itself needs to be removable for exhibition purposes, and when I get round to making legs and fiddle yard in order to exhibit the layout then I shall have to find a way of mounting it on the baseboard, but there is no hurry to do that.

The other two jobs were painting tasks. I had already painted “rust” on the sides of the rails in the platform area but still had the approach tracks and the sidings to do; one snag of working in metre gauge is that the rails are rather small and painting is fiddly, especially with overhead wires in place. Mental note made to paint the sides of the rails during track laying in future! The other task was to do something about the backs of the signals, which show almost as much light from the signal lamps as do the fronts! I had experimented with applying a lot of black paint to the backs of two of them and this was largely successful and needed to be extended to the rest of the signals. Real Swiss signals are grey on the back and so I then needed to apply a decorative coat of grey. Working colour-light signals are always going to be a compromise and the backs especially so, with overscale wiring, overscale light fittings and sturdier fixings to the post, but at least if painted the correct colour they will not draw too much attention to the compromise, and now that the aspects do not show from the rear I am much happier with them.

And now to the application of more snow, a backscene, and the station platform canopies … then the construction of the baseboards for the next section of the layout, so that my trains actually have somewhere to go!

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